Soupless rope flow

After a long day of work get your body fit with Soupless rope flow


Manufactured in the Netherlands

Get in the flow with Soupless rope flow

Have fun

When performing Soupless rope flow exercises, you engaging multiple groups of muscles simultaneously, including the shoulders, arms, back and legs. This can help improve muscle tone and definition, as well as overall muscular endurance.

Warm-up for any sport

Cristel like to surf a lot and had often problems with her shoulder. She has been using Soupless rope flow to warm-up before here session. It’s a very good tool for any warm-up session for any sport.

Having fun while moving

When you need to forget anything just start rope flowing

About Soupless

I came in contact with rope flow for the first time in South-Africa two years ago. I met Daniel on the beach who was busy with it and I was directly interested. Working as a captain on river cruise ships I have a job where I sit most of the time for many hours. Rope flow was the perfect solution to get my body moving again.

I found the right manufacturer  in the Netherlands who produces the ropes and started this company.

Neuromuscular coordination

This term refers to the synchronized functioning of the nervous system. Soupless rope flow helps to use both sides of the brain. You will find this out when you start that one side works better than the other. After using it some time you will see that both sides are working the same.

Enjoy your live and share with friends

Soupless rope flow is fun and easy to do anywhere and anytime. It give you a reason to go outside.  Always make sure you have enough space around you. Use it to keep yourself fit. If you travel it is small enough to take it with you and share it with your friends.

No excuses

If you’re looking for a convenient and effective way to stay active and healthy, you might want to consider trying out rope flow exercises. Soupless rope flow is a low-impact workout that can be done anytime anywhere, making it the perfect choice for busy truck drivers, captains, or anyone else who spends long hours at a desk or behind the wheel.